Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two drawings from San Francisco

I was in the Marriott Marquis in San Francis, the 23rd floor in room 2365. The view was spectacular.
The picture above was looking out over the harbor and Candlestick park.

This picture is from their restaurant on the 39th floor: The View. If you are ever in San Francisco and you want to have a spectacular look at the city or the harbor while you are eating dinner, go to the Marriott Marquis and take the High Rise elevators to the 39th floor. As twilight takes over the sky you really feel as if you could reach out and touch it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another acorn

The acorn in the last post was asymmetrical. This was another acorn from the sidewalk near the Hamilton Club.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer time and the drawing is easy...

I was at Scout camp again this year. It was perfect weather all week - no rain and pleasant. On the first day there I got this image down by the chapel. This is looking upstream. The air temperature is cool and you can hear the birds singing in the forest.

This next image was from our visit to Hershey Park last Saturday. It was a clear warm day with a little breeze. Nice puffy clouds.

And this is from our morning walk yesterday. The acorns are falling on the sidewalks of the city. It seems a little early. The coloring of the trees and lawns tells me it is mid-August while the calendar still says July. I touched up this drawing with some Dixon colored pencils.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday evening my wife and I were at a friend's home for a social gathering. About 22 of us sharing a potluck meal, laughing and visiting and enjoying a wonderful evening.

I quickly dashed off this watercolor to capture the beautiful view.

This is from a recent morning's walk with my wife. Our county courthouse has grown from the front part of the structure in the picture to most of the block.

The white hole on left side of the drawing is one of the three holes in the page - it is part of my daily journal.

At our local fire station the ladder truck was pulled out of its bay for a wash and a shine. I captured a picture of it with my cell phone and later added this drawing to my journal. Now that I am adding color with watercolor maybe I should go back and add the red and the reflections - maybe not, the drawing works well in black and white.

I ran across an interesting video demonstrating how to make an air conditioner for a college dorm where students may not have an air conditioner. It involves putting a copper coil on the front of a fan with some plastic tubing and two 5 gallon buckets. I was impressed with the ingenuity and recorded the process, in the form of the diagram to the right, in my journal.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recent 2011 drawings

We sometimes fail to appreciate the art we carry around in our pockets.

Some evenings as I sit writing in my journal a glass of water is called for...

My wife and I have taken to walking in the morning now that spring has begun. This is the back of Eastern Market in town. The building is used as a parking garage and a housing agency (on the other end). The colors and the cherry tree were too much to resist.

The people on the trains are fascinating. This young lady listened to music on her computer and read her book for hours. A very accommodating subject for drawing.

It is one of life's great pleasures to ride on a train. All of the seats are first class and the view is wonderful - depending on what you're riding by. Riding a train is much more comfortable than riding an airplane.