Friday, October 16, 2009

Photos that start in the woods and end up in the city

This top photo is one which has been modified with filters so it looks softer. What I really learned from this is that my cell phone camera can capture some really nice pictures. I'll show you some in this post.

The photo to the left is from my regular digital camera. I was driving across Indiana on business in August and saw this beautiful field of soybeans with a silo. I just had to stop and take a picture.

This photo (above) is from my camera phone as I was sitting in Philly. I was at the restaurant El Vez, named after a Mexican Elvis impersonator. The light was just beautiful. You always have your phone with you, right? Don't let the images escape unrecorded.

This photo (below) is also from Philly. This is a day later on Samson Street at Finn McCools - no extra charge
for the plug, guys. More beautiful light down an urban landscape. This is also from my camera phone.

When the weather is warm like that evening it is lovely to stroll around a city and see how buildings of varying architectural styles have
been placed by each other over the years. The gray of concrete next to the warm cinnamon of brick.

This last photo is also from Philly - it was a three day conference and rich with images. This
was taken with my digital non-cell phone camera from my hotel room in the morning.

Friday, September 18, 2009

2009 Drawings

In January I was driving home from Punxsutawney, PA (remember the movie "Groundhog Day"?) and we got out just as the snow was coming in. On the way I thought it appropriate to commemorate the occasion with a drawing - why not?

It is great fun to draw in a small enclosed space like a car. The perspective changes.

So, in March I was visiting my sister. While we were watching a movie I pulled out my drawing pad and drew what was there. It was a great evening - conversation around the movie (I'd already seen it, but the comments are different every time) and drawing. All of this and dessert! What's not to like?

My wife loves to garden. We live in a row house that is 108 years old. I am extremely reluctant to trim the maple trees in the back yard because they shade the back of the house from the summer sun. So our garden in the back yard doesn't get the sun it wants. My wife put some 5 gallon plastic buckets on the roof with soil in them and started a very nice garden there. This is a drawing of her rooftop garden.

I made several trips to Laredo TX this year. Laredo is right on the Mexican border. It gets a tad warm in the summer. The flight between Laredo and DFW is about an hour or so - it is a small plane as you can see.