Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Been away...

How time does fly.

At the end of the day I take off my glasses, and sometimes my El Cheapo Casio watch with the 10 year battery.  I use the mechanical pencil to make entries into my log book.

My log book is different than my journal.  My journal is written on a daily basis, for the most part, with the occasional drawing thrown in to keep it interesting.  My log book is done by the month.  For each day of the month I track if I am doing certain activities - pages of scriptures read, prayers, exercises, reading, weight, drawing, fasting, etc.  I am not terribly organized.  Without the aid of the log book (a daily to-do list of basics that make my life work better) I am liable to wander off in the morning without my socks matching.

Benjamin Franklin had a list of virtues that he tracked on paper every day to work at incorporating them into his life.  Charles Lindburgh had a similar system.  I thought I would do the same after I read about Lindburgh's system.

If you have not been over to Mattias Adolfsson's web site to admire his drawings and illustrations, you have missed one of the rare treats on the internet (  I have been copying some of his drawings to get a better feel for his genius.  This is not a direct copy - I have never seen any of his pigs with wings.  I put this sketch on an envelope with some colored pencil to give it some depth.  Mattias has two books out.  You can order them on his web site.

This is a sketch of Virginia, me and Eddy, The Wonder Dog.  This is from my journal.  I did this prior to my hip replacement last July.  I am very pleased with the results of that surgery.  I am able to walk quite freely with no pain.  The week of December 7th I walked 20 miles.  Working on keeping my slim, girlish figure.

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